I decided to launch KIMAIIA in 2022. 
After struggling with PCOS for years and searching for a way to manage my symptoms, I discovered that nutrition was the single non medical way to bring me relief and bounce back to optimal health.
I became a mum in 2021 and unfortunately suffered from postnatal hair loss. Drawing experience from my PCOS journey, I started to explore nutritional solutions to successfully grow my hair back stronger than ever.
While researching and reading what seems like a millions of medical articles, I discovered that some members of the black community were suffering from a specific vitamin deficiency related to an array of more serious health conditions. Discussing with my friends and family, I realised that this was not widely known and was very surprised to have only discovered this priceless piece of information in my 30's.
What could I do with this...?
Like many other women, I love beauty, cosmetics and everything related. This is why I decided to launch a wellness brand that not only helps address the beauty concerns of my community but also that helps taking care of our health.
This brand and these products are not about me. They are about my son Akis and my daughter to come, to make sure that their mom stays healthy for as long as possible. To let them know that their hair, and most importantly their health are gifts that should be nurtured. They are about bringing awareness to our community that our health and nutrition matters.
They are about our beauty, but beyond this, they are about our health.
They are about us. 
Because we matter.
Love, LTT